Cell Phone Booster for Rural and Urban Buildings

Why do you experience poor cell phone reception in cities and rural areas, when conventional wisdom suggests that at least the buildings cities must be properly covered. Even though the reasoning may be different, the result is the same. In cities we have more call traffic then in rural locations. The two most popular technologies in North America, namely the GSM and CDMA technologies both have their inherent flaws one more then the other. The GSM network is very prone to dropping calls due to its load handling process of taking as many user at a given time and not being able to serve all the calls with same strength. That kind of behavior is less in CDMA phones however they have their own set of issues dealing with load in cites.
DB pro Cell Phone signal Booster
In urban area its a shear business decision that drives the cell phone carriers to either install more towers or not and how much it effects their revenue bottom line. In such scenarios we see people often get tired of waiting for the phone company to do something about it and end up looking for other alternatives such as the cell phone signal boosters and repeater systems . The cell phone signal boosters also solve another increasingly noticeable issue. EVDO is the 3G answer from CDMA technology for the recent increase in need for bandwidth with the advent of the smart phones upto a speed of 700 Kbps and EDGE from the GSM side to stream you videos and movies with the speed of 380-450 Kbps , the theoretical speed is much higher then what is actually seen in real use.
The cell phone booster such as the DB pro wide area is an excellent repeater system that boosts cell phone signals from 0 to 3 bars in most cases. Its an excellent data signal booster as well so you can have faster access to internet with 3G speed of 350 Kbps and above, similar to broadband.