If it is good enough for NASA, it must be good enough for you!

Where does a barber go, when he needs an hair cut? It was a similar situation when it came to NASA looking to boost its cell phone signal inside one of its facility at Goddard Space Flight Center, they turned to Surecall for its solution. The NASA pushes boundaries on what ever they set out to do. When is came to increasing cell phone signal for its workers inside the facility they turned to Surecall’s proven and most reliable cell phone signal boosters. Especially in huge ware houses and factory style facility, especially buildings that have metal outside. Not too long ago the FCC was forced to step in and lay down the regulations on what type of cell phone boosters can be sold in the market place. The cell phone carriers we in denial for a long time and finally came to the realization that their cell towers alone are not enough to satisfy the needs of all the cell phone subscribers with their voice and increasingly important data service. Folks in the rural areas are more left out then the cell phone users in the urban areas. The cell phone companies are not willing to erect a cell tower and service if the population is below their threshold of users. However they still want every ones business at the expense of unsatisfied users.

It took a while but eventually the cell phone companies have allowed for the market place to fill in this void of servicing these unsatisfied customers. In 2013 the FCC and the 4 major US carriers struck a deal to agree to put some limitations on what type of signal boosters that can be sold in the market. The FCC wants to make sure that these signal boosters are approved by the carriers and that they pose no threat to the cell site by over loading. All the cell phone signal boosters now sold by Surecall, Weboost, HiBoost, Cel-fi to name a few are approved and can be installed without getting any consent from the cell phone carriers. NASA got control of their cell phone signal, are you?!