Cell Phone Carriers Wants Monopoly In Cell Phone Amplifier Market

A few of the major cell phone carriers are once again trying to gobble down the cell phone amplifier market. This time they are trying to influence the FCC to make that happen. The major carriers in US have approached the FCC to make it illegal for independent manufacturers to sell any cell phone amplifiers or cell phone boosters. The reason, that these amplifiers in the independent market interfering with their cell phone tower. It is seen by the manufacturers as a sneaky approach by the cell phone carriers to take control of an industry using the FCC, a way of influencing the FCC to work for its goals.

The major players in the North American cell phone network already have curbed the freedom of choice, for consumers by not letting them choose a carrier at will, making them sign contracts for extended period of time if you want to have that “THE PHONE” . Honestly, the cell phone carriers are no different then the banking industry, in influencing the law makers to exert pressure on small industry like this cell phone amplifier and cell phone boosters

What can you Do to Stop the Take over by these major carriers?

1)Go to FCC website

2)Click on “Submit a Filing (Express)”

3)Click on the ‘click here’ link in the first paragraph towards the top of the page

4)Fill in the forum (the Proceeding Number is 10-4)

Say what you have to say in regards to how the cell phone booster or amplifier has helped you or why you think the cell phone carriers must not take control over this industry and curb your freedom to choose what you want and from who you want?