Cell Phone Repeaters, makes SKYPE users happy

Skype has become one of the most popular application when it comes to making calls over the internet. It is so popular that the act of calling someone over internet is now referred as SKYPE . Skype has a huge user base and most of them are now using the application over their cell phones. The advantage to this is that when you use skype the minutes are not taken from the cell phone carrier plan, its free to the consumer. Cell phone carriers do not like the idea that the minutes don’t count towards their plan and limiting their potential to charge more fees. This was the original contention that AT&T had with allowing users to use Skype on their phone. The consumer groups made so much noise over it that they eventually let the application be run on the iPhone .

Now, how can the cell phone booster systems will help to better converse using skype? Because verizon is the first network to allow skype over its network and they do it over the cell phone network instead of the wi-fi network like At&T currently does. The reason for this, verizon says is to provide the consumer with better quality. So, if you have poor reception inside your home to use cell phone , then it will not improve your sound quality any better by using the Skype app. Because the skype app uses the cell phone network to transmit and hence boosting the cell phone reception with cell phone repeater will make your calls free and high quality. So, if you are on verizon network , then you can have best of the both. The sound quality you deserve and the free of cost calls.
Skype Working Model