Cell Phone Signal Booster, end to the problem of low signal

With the advancement of science and regular growth in cell phone industry cell phones have become need of all human beings. And people want to stay connected with everybody in this world and not to loose important calls. And also they don’t want to loose connection with their friends and family members even knowing that use of cell phone leads to various diseases such as brain cancer. The harmful radiations that are emitted from cell phone are absorbed by brain and these radiations become chief cause of brain cancer. The radiations when absorbed by brain makes the permeability of blood brain barrier high and also increase the synthesis of stress proteins. People don’t care about suffering from these diseases when these phones gave us enormous benefits. And various studies were done to study the connection of cell phone with brain cancer and it was proved in the end that the excessive use of cell phones promotes the chances of brain cancer in a person. All these problems arise due to the low signal strength and the low signal strength can be converted in to high signal strength by use of cellular signal boosters. These cell phone signal boosters increase the cell phone reception by increasing signals and these cellular boosters can boost a one bar signal in to five full bars. There are separate cell phone repeater for home and office use. These cellular signal booster not only improve cell phone reception but they also improve the battery life of the cell phone.