Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home to be sold by Phone Companies

At&T is reportedly working on something called thefemtocells, which is based on the idea that the phone network is not able to support your needs so the phone company is utilizing the bandwidth of the internet to do its work. This sounds like a good idea BUT, what if your internet is based off of the phone network? say, if you are connecting to the internet using the cell phone network with a data card , then you are out of luck. Again, these devices are network specific and if you have more then one carrier in your household, then prepare to shell out for each network carrier a device, unlike the signal booster for home device.

Airvana is a company that makes the brain for femtocells and a supplier to major network providers. The other downside of femtocell is that it is carrier specific and you are tied to a particular carrier and not free to use the same with others. Femtocells are interesting technology to a inherent solution but not where they make consumer sense yet. Someday, hopefully not too far in the future this will be a viable technology but until then cell phone boosters are the best alternative to increasing cell phone signal inside the home and office buildings.