Cell phone signal in inclement weather can be a problem

Have you ever wondered if inclement weather affects the cell phone signal ? You are correct in your observation, if you ever doubted that a couldy day affected your cell phone signal. Yes the air is the medium for the cell phone signal and traveling in moisturized atmosphere can make your signal weaker. The cell phone signals travel though the atmosphere in waves of invisible light.


Storms can affect the cell phone because they can disrupt their medium of travel, thus negatively affecting the signal strength. When a torrential down pour hits an area, the amount of precipitation that comes through the atmosphere can affect the cell phone signal.


Humidity is a major factor for cell phone waves to travel as they are disrupted due to the moisture content in the air and that effects the signal strength negatively due to loss of signal incurred when traveling through a denser medium.

Over Ocean

Some studies like the one done at University of Leicester in the United Kingdom has shown that it has even amplified the signal strength when signal gets transmitted over a calm ocean especially on late afternoons and on a early spring day. So , not all weather is bad for cell phone signal.

However extreme cold can be bad for cell phone signal and the battery. Prevent leaving your phone inside vehicle in sub zero conditions. Keeping them close to your body keeps the phone warm and operate more effectively when you need them to call out for help or any other emergencies. Casing your cell phone can avoid your phone from going into hibernation as well. As you can tell, weather can play a major role in your cell phone communication and even so when the cell phone signal is weak. A strong signal is crucial for fast internet browsing means that you can rectify both the voice and data issues at the same time with a booster system.