Choosing 4G Cell Phone Booster for Verizon and Tmobile

4G is the term used to describe the latest generation of data speed in the telecommunication industry. The term 4G speed has the potential to deliver an UP speed of 100Mbps and DOWN of 1Gbps, although the current level is 5Mbps that is practical. That is your average speed that we get in an average residential connection. This boundary will be pushed in the future to realize a true 4G and that has along way to go. At 5Mbs speed one can experience a content rich experience on your smart phone and tablet.

When is comes to choosing a cell phone booster to boost the 4G speed, one has to beware that the amplifiers in market for 4G is just for that. Meaning the 4G booster system works only for 4G covered areas and does not boost cell phone signal for 3G, 2G. As of now you will have to install 2 systems one for 4G and one for the rest including 3G, 2G. The 4G LTE system works exclusively for Verizon. The 4G AWS system works with T-Mobile and Sprint.

For those who already have a 3G booster system a good alternative is this Kit HERE that comes with a wide band antenna and Pantech card adapter for Verizon data only. This system is however not wireless like the 4G LTE system mentioned above, however this addition will significantly improve your 4G data speed for those with Verizon data card.

Verizon Data Card Signal Booster for 4G speed

Verizon Data Card Signal Booster for 4G speed

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