CM-EFLEX 55 dB 3G Amp For Small Home – FLEX55

This amplifier is the cost effective solution for small residence signal troubles. The amplifier increases cell phone signal by adding 55 dB more to an existing signal to make it stronger for voice and data transfer. The amplifier can be paired with omnidirectional antenna or Yagi antenna to achieve a desired signal boost.

  • 3G signal booster for area covering 2,500 sq ft with adjustable gain give you the option to dictate your gain
  • Works with all carriers and all networks
  • Boosts power to 3000 mw, the permissible signal output a cell phone device can transmit
  • FCC approved for non interference with cell phone tower
  • Easy install works with just AC power supply
  • Boosts signal FROM and TO the cell phone tower, meaning your phone can not only receive calls, but also make calls
  • Technical Specifications

    Frequency Uplink: 824-849/1850-1910 Mhz; Downlink : 869-894/1930-1990Mhz
    Average Gain 30-55dB
    Maximum Gain 30-55dB
    VSWR ≤2:0
    Standard Supported CDMA / WCDMA,GSM,EDGE,TDMA AMP etc.
    AC Power Transformer Input AC110V,60Hz; Output DC 5-15V
    DC Power 12V
    Maximum RF Output Power 3 Watts EIRP
    Noise Figure 5dB
    Cable LMR240 or CM240 recommended
    RF connectors FEM Male Connctors on both ends
    Power Consumption <10W
    Dimensions 11” x 11” x 11”
    Weight 7 lb
    Input Impedance 50 ohm
    VSWR <2:0