Steps to choosing your next cell phone carrier

It is common that every one of us would have undergone a situation of choosing a new and a better cell service provider. If you have faced it is nothing but a daunting task.

Many advertising postings! Many more of breath taking offers! And many unlimited data plans!

It is completely difficult to choose among these.

To be an active customer, you need to compare and differentiate the various carriers and its offers.

It is unfortunately not an easier way.

But to make it easier we suggest you with five of important questions that you can try to answer while choosing your carrier to be more précised and tech savvy cell phone customer.

  1. Are you comfortable leaving your current service provider?

 Do you have any plan of just walking away, or is it some pay out to secure your release?

If suppose your current carrier charges a sum like Early Termination Fee (ETF) or if you are a customer paying your monthly bills, then it is going to cost you while exit.

Even though ETF is gradually dying out, some of the cell phone users are still following the 2-year services ETF’S contract.

And if you are a customer who pays from your phone still, you have to pay in full amount before you try to get free of your current provider.

If you are not sure of the plan whether you are free to leave, try contacting and getting help from your service provider’s customer care.


  1. If suppose you have to pay your exit costs, will a new carrier pay some or all of them?

Generally the new carrier will at least reimburse you with some costs to leave your previous service provider. Try to assure things from the potential new provider:

  • The amount they will reimburse us.
  • The criteria for qualification
  • The time you will attain the reimbursement (can you wait for months?);
  • The form of reimbursement takes (a debit card, for example? Or a credit of your personal account? )
  1. Is it possible to merge your current phone to the potential service provider?

Try keeping your current phone instead of your new cell phones as switching to a new carrier

Apart from that there are three major reasons to avoid having your current cell phone.

  • Sometimes your current mobile does not suit well with the new carrier’s network. If having your phone is something necessary try check out the compatibility initially.
  • Most of the deal advertised in large by different carriers suggest the customers to opt for a new mobile. Make sure you go with the potential network that sounds attractive to you with the promotional offers.
  • Things apart, some may simply want to buy a new phone and so the reason for switching service providers. If that is so then you no need to think of having your current phone.
  1. Will you be able to get the plan of your choice?

Verizon insisted on cell phone users need for an unlimited data plans for years and just before two weeks.

Many individual accounts consume just less than 5 GB of monthly data. If you know your data plan then you can switch to less expensive plans easily.

If you don’t want to opt for unlimited data option try understanding what happens if suppose you exceed your plan. Will it charge or cut the service in the middle? Throttled data speeds will be time consuming until you pay them the next cycle bill.

Some options to help you select:

Be well known about some good tools and online calculators that help to choose a carrier and a best service plan. If you select any of these tools be assured of your monthly data usage pattern.

But there is one key factor those online tools can’t figure into their calculations – network coverage. And so our last question is . . .

  1. How well is the network coverage of the potential new carrier?

This is the best question. Try answering to the above asked queries however favorable they are they can’t compensate for poor coverage when you have used your cell phone to the maximum at home and work.

On the off chance that you don’t know how great the potential carrier’s network coverage scope is, discover BEFORE you switch. I’ll say it again – it doesn’t make a difference the amount you adore that new gadget or what a breath taking arrangement you got, in the event that you can’t utilize your phone in the spots where you require it most.

Like I specified at this post in the top, there’s no simple approach to settle on an educated decision on another cell carrier. However, ideally these inquiries will help you pick when that time comes.