Convert your car into a mobile work station with vehicle boosters

Your car is no longer a vehicle of transportation any more, it is the place where work gets done! A Bloomberg news report says that we spend more time starring at the phone then we do at Television. Our time spent on phone is taking precedence then most other activities we do, for business or pleasure. Now gone are the days when the phones were only a device to make and receive calls. This study puts our time spent as 162 min/day on mobile phones. Kids spend all their time on a touch pad or mobile device while in car.

With the mobile cell phone boosters the cell phone signal inside vehicle can be increased 20 times the average speed. A vehicle booster allows you to turn any smart phone in to a wifi hotspot to connect with multiple devices at the same time. This cab be helpful if one person on the vehicle has unlimited data on their plan and the others can use one plan to browse the internet without having to dip in their own plan. You can also block certain websites and make use of parent control function as well.

The phone is no longer a device er use for calls anymore, it is what we use to connect with our friends on the social media, send out messages on twitter, make plans, invite friends, meet friends and also to pay your friends. If you have a credit card reader you can accept payments anywhere, the possibilities of what you can do with a phone is limitless. All of these functions require a cell phone signal to work with and that is the back bone for this device. If you want to be truly mobile a vehicle cell phone booster is the solution.