Designing a Cell Phone Signal Solution For Enterprise Buildings

When it comes to designing a cell phone signal solution for large buildings in excess of 100,000 sq ft area it requires a special approach in designing a installing a cost effective solution. Large warehouses and multi-storied buildings are typically a work place facility where you will have a anywhere from a handful of users up to hundreds of users. Here is what we require from you to design a custom solution to your specific building.

a) A blue print of the building or a plan of the building that outlines the perimeter walls and dividing walls inside your building.
b) What material is your building primarily built off, like steel , concrete, combination of both, wooded etc.
c) How many floors if any?
d) What is the signal outside your building for each carrier , preferably on the roof or where you plan to or can mount the external antenna?
e) The signal strength must be measured in dB, since it is a number and gives a better understanding of the existing signal strength, rather then in terms of bars.
f) How high is the ceiling of this building and what material is this made out of.

Now, with this information we can get started on working on designing a signal solution for you.
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