Energy efficient building can be cellular signal blockers

Energy efficiency is the theme of this century and the foreseeable future. One big component that takes up a big chunk of a home energy consumption is the indoor heating and cooling. A HVAC system is what keeps your home heated, ventilated and cooled during different time of the day. With the advent of energy efficient building materials to save energy the materials often get embedded with metal such and steel and aluminum. These metals are great heat barriers to make the home or office building more efficient while block cell phone signal from getting inside the homes. So, its like solving one problem but in the process created another. Fortunately the fix is simple with cell phone booster systems!
The signal that gets blocked outside by the roof or exterior walls in the building, as a result you may have perfectly good signal 4-5 bars outside the building and none inside. Building homes is a much evolved science today that it was a few decades ago. All sorts of infusion is done with the building materials now a days to make your home last longer and also energy efficient. Energy efficient and cell phone signal are usually adds with each other and the most effective way to get that signal inside the house is by using cable. The cell phone booster system captures good signal using sensitive antenna outside the building (before the signal gets blocked by the building material) and then transmits that signal into the building via low loss cable and once inside the building the cell phone signal gets further amplified using a powerful amplifier. Once the signal gets amplified to compensate for any loss that occurred in transmitting the signal via cable. The amplified signal is broadcast inside the home using a indoor broadcast antenna.

What was a problem before is now a benefit when installing a booster system inside energy efficient buildings. The building materiel that kept the signal from getting INTO the home is also keeping that signal from getting OUTSIDE the home as well. This way the building now is a Faraday’s cage that keeps all the cell phone signal inside all parts of the home because when the signal cant escape then they get bounced back and forth throughout the home and provides cell phone signal all through out the home.