Facebook IPO and what it means to the cellular world?

Facebook has gone IPO although not without some glitch , never-the less the biggest IPO of this generation has been let out of the bag. The big question is, now what? The much awaited initial public offering sure did add a few more milliners and a handful of billionaires to the tally. How is Facebook going to grow? The investors are going to have to come in terms with this big reality that advertisement holy grail is with Google, they pioneered the art of monetizing the search advertisement. Sure, Facebook knows much more then Google when it comes to personal preferences and community you belong to and the things you like to do for fun, and much more. Will you as a consumer be comfortable with Facebook coming up with those life style choices for you. While that remain to be seen, the one other area where Facebook can create an impact is the way we work on mobile. The mobile technology is still in its infant stage some might say. The reality is that mobile technology has not replaced desktops or laptops yet for obvious reasons. One mobile is still not completely mobile, still a huge void exits in proper cell phone coverage in the US. Another thing is to integrate the various apps in a intelligent way that one can streamline its usage . As of now, the number of apps that gets generated on a given day is getting to a point where a lot of good apps gets buried in piles of apps that gets put out.
Facebook-IPO! Now What?
Apple had the right idea in integrating all apps to one place the app store, but again that gave a lot of control to Apple in what the developers can create. Google removed that hurdle with its Android “play store” and that opened up a whole new can of worms, with chaos in the apps that gets put out. A middle of the road approach would be for the users to manage their apps themselves, a sensible way that each user customize what he wants and what he doesn’t want. A new way to manage apps that one has and ranking system that rank the users feedback to suggest apps. We are still novice when it comes to using smartphone apps, atleast the majority of us. Facebook can create an impact on all these areas to make our lives much more rich and efficient. At the end of the day, the reason that we collectively make companies like facebook viable is for them to make our lives fun and easy!