FCC Outlines New Guidelines for Cell Phone Boosters

Federal Communications Commission has outlined the guidelines for cell phone booster manufacturers in an effort satisfy the cell phone carriers who claimed that cell phone boosters were interrupting with the normal operation of cell phone towers. The cell phone carriers wanted to be able to dictate which cell phone boosters can be sold or wanted to have exclusive permission in what gets sold and what doesn’t . Wilson Electronics lead the pac by representing the manufacturers and presented the case how important and valuable the cell phone boosters are in the fringe areas of the network and organized a nation wide campaign in amassing the public response and how valuable the boosters are for the consumers.
Before cell phone boosters the users were at the complete mercy of the cell phone carriers and had to wait for the carriers to build new cell towers for better signal. With cell phone boosters, the consumers had some solution to their persistent signal problem without having to wait for the cell phone carrier to make a business decision in weather or not to erect a new tower and if enough users were paying to make it a viable business decision. The public emails and testimonies verified that their was a genuine need for such devices and Wilson Electronics with help from customers were able to demonstrate that clearly to the FCC .
The committee at FCC unanimously recognized the need for such devices and how such devices played a major role during emergency and how relieved it makes the undeserved population of cell phone users. The concern expressed by the cell phone carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and 90 other local companies that sometimes a poorly designed cell phone booster can cause signal interference was addressed by setting new standards that the cell phone booster manufacturers and cell phone carriers have agreed upon in testing cell phone boosters.
The carriers wanted the consumers to register all the devices that they use for boosting cell phone signal. The FCC recognize the unwanted inconvenience this brings to the consumer and decided against it. However all booster amplifiers will be registered by the manufacturer and to track any problems that may occur and the booster systems will be tested according to the norms agreed upon by the manufacturer and cell phone carrier companies. Here is an FAQ that will answer most of the common question regarding these new procedures.