FCC to rule on Cell phone boosters

In the recent month the telephone giants in United states have been waging a campaign to have a say in who is eligible to manufacture cell phone boosters and repeater systems. Their complaint is that the individual booster systems create disruption in their network and creating trouble for the network.

First of all, this problem would not exist if the cell phone towers were built to handle the load. And when the public after years of frustration dealing with dropped calls and poor reception come up with a solution to address the problems themselves by installing the necessary hardware to support their network, the phone company does not like it. However it has to be mentioned that do it your self kits and other rudimentary systems can impact on the cell phone towers.

That is why a few cell phone booster manufacturing companies like, Digital Antenna, Wilson Electronics and others are defending their product with strict FCC regulations in place. If the phone companies can agree to lay down those rules and let the free market dictate who comes up with the best solution, that is one way to address this issue. If the phone company simply wants to have a say in who gets to sell cell phone booster and antennas, now that is another approach. Cell phone boosters have given the consumer a tool to solve their signal problems and puts them in the driver seat against the phone companies desire to occupy that seat.