First FCC Approved 4G LTE Single-Band Amplifier Announce by Cellphone-Mate®, Inc

Cellphone-Mate have announced their entire new cell phone booster i.e. SureCall® CM700A 70dB amplifier, which have been approved by FCC. It is the first cell phone booster for 4G LTE of cellphone-mate which have been approved by FCC and it is basically made for AT&T network. On other side AT&T also launched their 4G services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Chicago and San Antonio; they have announced that they will cover more the 70 million Americans by the end of the year. Cellphone-mate have announced that they will start full shipment of their new 4g booster for 4G LTE network of AT&T by end of October 2011. They also announced that pre-ordering system will be available by mid of October 2011. Cellphone-mate have already provided two of the best cell phone boosters to North America and this will be their third best product launching in market and expectations with this product are very high. It will be their first 4G cell phone booster and the good news is that they have got it approved from FCC, this booster is specially made for AT&T network. We all know that AT&T is the biggest career of the country but with weakest signal strength, this is the only reason why booster companies are making more and more cell phone booster specifically for AT&T network. Apart from that, company did introduced the 4G booster for another leading career of country (Verizon) in early July and that was SureCall CM700V 70dB amplifier which was bidirectional. A in March 2011 they also introduced 4G booster for T-Mobile i.e. SureCall CM2100 AWS amplifier, this booster was also launched in Canadian market for WIND mobile network.
The CEO of cellphone-mate stated that 4G technology is future in world of technology and by introducing the cell phone signal booster for AT&T have set them ahead of the pack in their industry. He added that they are not the biggest player of the cell phone booster industry but they have proven themselves as the clever and quickest players in 4G revolution. He added that they have proven themselves with the success of their last three products and they are doing each and everything required to keep the momentum.
This new product of cellphone-mate could be said as the in-building booster because it has two internal and two external full band antennas. Company has said that currently they are marketing for LTE network only. Company also stated that all these full band antennas are compatible with all generation of the communication technology which includes 3G, 2G and 4G.
This new cell phone booster of cellphone-mate will come with 24months manufacturer warranty and will be available at all the retail and authorized distributors of cellphone-mate.