Force8 for 5G By Surecall

The first bidirectional cell phone signal booster for 5G network is out! Surecall leads the cell phone signal booster market by a mile apart from its competition. This cell phone signal booster is geared for industrial application and the residential 5G signal boosters should be in the works from the looks of this release. On the retro side of business these 5G signal boosters can also accommodate the 4G and 3G bandwidths. This 5G booster kit is also Sentry meaning that they can be accessed and controlled remotely. The 5G network requires to communicate signal via multiple micro cell towers and we recommend that these Force8 signal boosters be paired with omnidirectional antennas as opposed to yagi antennas. The 5G technology unlike the current 4g takes the approach of dive and conquer when it comes to getting the job done. The immense speed that 5g promises comes at a cost of how far the signal can travel and hence the necessity of several intermediary micro cells instead of relatively smaller number of large towers we have at present.

Key Features

  • First of its king 5g signal booster for T-Mobile (600 MHz) and AT&T (2.3 G Hz)
  • Increases signal strength on all carriers in the 4G LTE and 3G Voice for current operators
  • Improves cell phone signal for upto 80,000 sq ft
  • The built-in sentry monitoring systems enables the user to control and configure the signal strength of the individual carriers from a remote mobile app
  • Can be configured as required by the facility in the number of indoor antennas required to boost signal in multiple sections of the building or floors.