Fusion-5, first five band amplifier to the market

SureCall have introduced a new five band amplifier in market and it is first of its type as all other available boosters are only four band boosters. The product name is Fusion-5 and it is in-building Cell Phone Signal Booster. According to SureCall product description this product is solution for all in one data and voice problems of today time. SureCall is also claiming that this 5-band booster is made for all kind of buildings i.e. small, medium and large size buildings.
Having a quick overlook at the Fusion-5’s technical specification and other details we can easily say that this booster will take signal boosting technology to another level. Fusion-5 have technology which can boost all type of signals from 2G to 4G signals and it is made for almost all cellular service brands like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile because it is combined result of Cellular bands and PCS with AWS and LTE frequencies.
Another good thing about this booster is that it comes with automatic shutdown system, so that it can detect if there is any risk to security or any risk of cell phone tower interferences, it automatically shuts down before such type of unfortunate thing happens. Coming to the point of its price then it can be said that SureCall have priced it very competitively, it may cost somewhat higher than others but its technology deserves it. Another reason behind this that Fusion-5 will cover around 10,000 square feet area for both 3G and 4G data signals.
Taking a quick look at Fusion-5 features makes us say that it is booster with highest integration in the today’s market. Moreover it is patent pending, so it is inviting everyone to produce its competitors. A 9-20V power is allowing user to use multiple applications at same time, making it multitasking. Auto Shut Down feature is making it different from others available. One thing to note is that WiMax and iDen are not compatible with this product. Another problem fixed with this booster is that it can support up to 5 to 10 users simultaneously at one time and it also have ability to detect Up-Link and Down-Link Oscillations and shows it will individual LEDs.

What you will get in box of SureCall Fusion-5?

▪ FUSION-5 65dB amplifier
▪ 10dB attenuator
▪ User manual
▪ 5dB attenuator
▪ AC power supply
▪ Mounting kit
One thing to note is that you will not get any type of antennas (outdoor or Indoor) and nor you will get any type of cable for the installation of Fusion-5 with its box, you have to purchase them separately.