Home automation is gaining steam with promise from 4G reliability

Home automation! One of the ultimate ideas that have been more of a fiction then reality for the longest time. The idea of an automated home did not stem from futuristic minded sophisticated thinkers. It is something that even a commoner with simple means made sense out of. Being able to turn ON/OFF of appliances in your home from remote location not only meant convenience but also efficiency. Being able to turn the washing machine ON when at work in the afternoon not only avoids making your neighbor unhappy at night while trying to get to bed, but also put less strain on the power grid.

All most all such systems depend on one of wireless systems that works with the cell phone signal. Their are several competing technologies when it comes to how the devices communicate inside a smart home, their is z-wave, vivint, control4, ect. Their is only one mode of communication outside your home and that is cell phone communication using cell phone frequency. The backbone of remote home control is solely depended on cell phone frequency . A cell phone repeater system assists this process when it comes to true remote control. True remote control is when you are able to control what goes on in your home from outside of it. Remote home communication