You think your home is protected, think again!

Home security systems have almost become a utility in today’s homes. 1 in every 3 houses in America are monitored by one of the security companies or the cable companies. Fire monitoring, temperature monitoring, burglary monitoring, medical monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, and flood monitoring are the various types of monitoring all of which relies on the cell phone signal to notify any distress signal to the service provider. The equipment’s that requires to be installed can run in thousands of dollars and for the most part it is covered by the security service providers and without a reliable cell phone signal these units will be of no use.

The individual components of the security system like the door monitor, window monitor, carbon monoxide monitor, medical monitor, fire alarm monitor, communicate to the controller wireless, however the controller communicates with the dispatching center via cell phone signal. The house that is monitored does not necessarily have to have a WiFi signal, however it requires a cell phone signal.

If you live outside the cell phone networks operational range, where the cell signal is very weak inside your home but want the security service , you are not out of luck, our cell phone signal boosters can help you with your cell phone signal and home security needs.