How and Why Does a Cell Phone Booster Work?

Their seems to be still a lot of talk about how does the cell phone boosters work or they actually work?

The Myth: Cell phone signal boosters create cell phone signal
No, cell phone boosters do not create signal at all, they only take a weak signal and amplify that week signal to broadcast them back into the air and they by creating am strong ambient signal. The three main components of a cell phone signal booster systems are the following:

External Cell Phone Antenna

External antenna’s are two kinds in general , either an omni directional antenna or a Directional Antenna
Omni Directional Antenna are the ones that look for signal all around and capture all possible signal it can sense.
Directional Antenna picks signal only from the direction you point the antenna to and usually its in the direction of the cell phone tower.

How to Choose an External Antenna?
Conventional wisdom tell us that the omni-directional antenna is the way to go in most case since most carriers have more then 1 tower that broadcasts cell phone signal. In most case that is what is recommended as well.

When do you need a directional Antenna?
If you have exceptionally week signal, then its advisable to choose a directional antenna since the directional antenna is more powerful in harnessing all the signal directed towards it in a particular direction.

Amplifier Unit

The amplifier unit is the brain of the system that is going to determine how strong the signal gets amplified. The amplifier unit determines how far the signal is going to get broadcast. Choosing an amplifier greater then 55db for home purpose and 35db for vehicle purpose works best.

Internal Cell Phone Antenna

The internal antennas are the ones that broadcast the amplified signal inside the building. The internal antenna’s are usually a panel antenna or a dome antenna. The panel antenna has a broader sweep then the dome antenna and all that depends on the strength of the decibel gain.