How Boosters Work?

The main reason for not able to get good reception inside home or office is that because of the following 2 main reasons:

a) Your home or office building is located far away or hidden from receiving the cell signal because you are surrounded by obstructions both natural and man made.
b) It is because of the building materials, such as concrete and steel block any signal from entering the building. That is why you can get good signal outside but not inside the building.

How our booster kits solve this problem?
Step 1: Our systems solve this signal problem by able to capture what ever weak signal that is available using an outdoor antenna, similar to a TV antenna.
Step 2: We bypass that signal into your building using cable
Step 3: Amplify that weak signal using an amplifier and make is several times stronger
Step 4: Spread that amplified signal inside the building using a internal broadcast antenna

Our signal solving solution not only makes receiving calls better and stronger, but also making calls stronger. Since our method uses the actual cell phone frequency your cell tower puts out, unlike other solutions (like FemtoCell or MicroCell that uses WiFi signal) dropped calls are non existent.

Frequently Asked Questions