How much will you pay for 5G network!

Well whether you like it or not, 5g is here and it is here to stay. Verizon is launching the 5g on moto z3 with its clip on mod a magnetic attachment that will enable 5g speeds when attached to the phone. Verizon is heavily investing on this technology and they seem to think that is what gave them the edge over AT&T or at least compete at the same level with At&T when they were fighting for market share at the advent of CDMA and TDMA in the early days of 3G speeds. The plans are two fold as of now, the $50/month for Verizon customers and $70 for non Verizon customers to use their network. T-Mobile is taking a different route in gaining market share by giving free access to 5G once it rolls out. This has always been their approach to provide free stuff to keep and gain customers. If past numbers are any indications, this approach has given then an edge to be able to compete with AT&T and Verizon even though T-Mobiles coverage has been 1/5th of AT&T and Verizon combined. AT&T has been ramping up its effort to propagate into the home internet business in its U verse service. The home service has been loosing market share for consecutive quarters. They have a TV penetration of about 20% and internet penetration of about 19% which in comparison with verizon’s Fios is pretty good. The long winded answer to what you will pay for your 5g is still not clear , but all signs point to a 20 % increase in the amount you fork now.