How to cure the greatest problem of Communication Technology with just one device, a problem called “Low Signal Problem”

The world today is known to be as the easy communication world, today we can’t think our life without cell phones and this is hard truth. In starting of 1990s, no one had wondered that by 2015 people will be able to transfer information throughout world by couple of clicks in seconds. The truth is that most of our lives are totally based on cell phone technology now and if our cell phone gets low signal strength then it make us feel like on low strength. We want to be connected to world all the time now and fact is that a “Low Signal Problem” can disconnect us from world in no time and can cause lot of tension. Communication technology is one of the best technologies we have got in our time but on other hand it has come with new problems.
A scenario – A business man is making a deal on his cell phone and certainly the call gets disconnected due to low signal coverage and do not gets connected again easily. In this case what that businessman can do and what can happen with him. Businessman can run all over his office to find a suitable signal strength which can make him lose time and this situation will obviously make him loose the deal.

It is not only about businessman, it is about each and every one who uses cell phone. Especially in case of emergency, where a person needs help on urgent basis but his cell phone cannot connect the call due to low signal, in that case also the communication technology cannot help person. Keeping all these factors in mind and after a long research WeBoost (Wilson Electronics) introduced a new device in market called Cell Phone Signal Booster few years back. Yes, the made this device to be installed at user’s place so that whoever is facing the low signal problem can install this device and can get rid of low coverage problem.