How to get the most out of your cell phone signal booster?

The cell phone signal booster will definitely improve the way you have been using your cell phone by vastly increasing its ability to connect and communicate with the cell phone tower. However the caveat is that you do the installation properly. What do we mean by that :

Secure Connection

When connecting the coax cables to the amplifier and antennas make sure they are not screwed in too tight or too loose. Too tight can damage the connectors and too loose can result in intermittent connection , so keep it right!

Cable routing

The cable that comes with the kit is just long enough to get the installation right. Too far a cable can induce loss in signal from traveling such distance or if the cable is wound up that can affect the signal negatively. Keeping the cable line as straight as possible is preferred.

Amplifier Location

The amplifiers are made to withstand elements such as heat and cold. The can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees to -20 degrees if you can house the amplifier in a place that is not too hot or too cold would help the system humming in optimum conditions.

Distance between antennas

Antenna separation is one of the main thing that you can do to make sure that your installation works the best. If your outdoor signal is strong the more this will affect negatively when the antennas (outdoor and indoor antennas) are close to each other. With antennas being close to each other and here is a guideline for it .

Amplifier GainMin. Amount of Separation
40 dB5-6 feet
45 dB15-20 feet
50 dB50 feet
55 dB60 feet
65 dB75-80 feet
72 dB100-110 fee