How to maximize your amplifier gain with a strategic placement of antennas

If you think just by installing a cell phone signal booster your signal issues are going to go away, yes you are correct! However using a proven strategy could make that result reach even further and get the most value out of your investment. What do I mean by that, is a cell phone signal booster is manipulating invisible array of cell phone signal into your home. The cell phone signal permeates all through your home including the walls and ceiling. A lot of time what happens is that the cell phone signal booster boosts signal so much that it can interfere with the communication protocol that is structured between the phone and the cell phone tower. This cab happen because the amplifier has boosted the cell phone signal to a very high degree of amplification. A few ways to tackle this issue is what we are going to talk about today.

Antenna Installation

One of the simplest ways to combat strong signal interference is by picking the room in which you want to install the antenna. The walls in the rooms are inherently there and you can take advantage of it by installing the antenna in the farthest room that you can possibly install away from the external antenna. The walls act as dampers to the boosted cell phone signal and drop. Masonry blocks can approximately reduce 6 db and so can a attunator. Adding attunator is a common practice to lower the cellular signal. The Surecall amplifiers are equipped with auto adjust feature and the ability o adjust the signal manually as well.