How to mitigate cell phone radiation effects and brain tumor?

This debate about whether cell phone signal is harmful for human use is something that touches every parent and it is a sensitive issue for us. We want to protect our loved ones; especially our children and we take all measures to keep them safe. We can most certainly keep our children from known dangers we can see and understand, but how can we keep them safe from unknown dangers like invisible electromagnetic radiations? We have all seen funny videos like this one showing how to cook pop corns using cell phones. It is funny to see that happen to pop corns but to think that we could be cooking ourselves with this cell phone technology and how much we have come to depend upon it is unsettling.

As of now all the research and evidence is inconclusive to absolutely draw a line and say that cell phone radiation causes brain tumor. Cell phone radiation is classified as 2B, to give you an perspective arsenic, asbestos are classified as 1A followed by 1B, 2A, 2B and what it means is that it is concerning but not a confirmed cancer causer. RF radiations have been around humans for a long time now since we started airing radio waves in the 1940’s. The microwave we use daily to cook and heat our foods uses the same frequency to ionize atoms and heat organic food. That is how the popcorn was popped in the referenced YouTube video above.

Cell phone signal has found to excite and alter the DNA sequence in studies . The 6 billion dollar (know cell phone users) question is, should we stop using cell phones all together and start our communication technology revolution all over again? This organization COSMOS (Cohort Study Of Mobile Phone Use and Health) has taken an initiative to study a large sample of 290,000 cell phone users aged 18+ and follow them for 20-30 years to get a definitive answer to this question of using cell phones and its harmful effects on the human body. If you want to help them with their study, you can follow this link to participate in the study.

If you can’t wait for 20-30 years don’t feel left out, cause I too feel it is such a long time to wait. So, what can we do about it. We can’t quit using out cell phones all together just because there is a probable cause for concern and miss out on all this exciting technology that is unfolding in front of our eyes.
Electromagnetic Imaging of cell phone radiation on human skull

Every study out there and the trusted all portray a cautionary tale at best.

All cell phone manufacturers are required to list the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the amount of radiation that a specific cell phone is putting out when in use. The SAR calculation is somewhat murky to go by because it is calculated for a 6 ft man, weighing in at 200 lbs. and that is not what a young boy or girl weights. The human skull in fully grown adults is thicker than the ones in children. So, as a precaution it is better not to expose kids to cell phone signal that all of us can agree!

What can we do?
We cannot live life with an attitude “so far, so good” although it is an optimistic approach, it is not the best approach. Just because something has not happened yet, does not mean it will not happen in the future. Especially when you’re loved ones well-being is at stake.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to reduce the radiation that we get exposed to by taking the following measures.

a) The cell phone radiation has an inverse relation with the distance of its source, in this case the cell phone antenna that is built inside the cell phone. What this means is that moving the cell phone away from your ear when talking by either putting the phone on speaker mode or a headphone to talk right away diminishes your risk of getting exposed to harm full radiation.

b) Your phones put out more radiation when it is working the hardest. When does your phone work the hardest? When you initiate a call or receive a call the cell phone wants to connect to the nearest cell tower at that instance the cell phone works harder to establish a connection or if you have a weak cell phone signal. When the signal strength is weak, the cell phones work the hardest to establish and maintain its connection with the cell phone tower. If you have noticed, you can tell how hot the phone gets when you are inside the building and talking on the phone. When you have a strong cell phone signal then the phone device does not have to work as hard to make and maintain connection with the cell phone tower and keeps the phone working in its optimum working temperature and less radiation as its result.

c) Cell phone signal boosters does the exact same to keep the cell phone signal strong inside your home or office to keep the phone from overheating and prevents it from over working and less radiation. Some might think that the amplifier that makes the cell phone signal stronger is putting out those radiations and how is that any good. The good news is that the radiation effects are much diminished when you have the source of radiation away from your body and brain. The amplifier is going to be at a sufficient distance away from you to give you any concern.