How to run your cell phone as a modem, at hyper speed!!

4g data has made way to a whole range of devices to go wireless and a cell phone booster system get them to hyper speed! First off, a little introduction to how to make your own portable wireless modem. The things you need:

a) smart phone running Android OS, Apple OS or Blackberry platform that has the modem capability. Most of the latest phones have this chipset built-in
b) Data plan from your provider, preferably those unlimited data that some carriers like T-mobile offers. Better yet see if you can talk to your network provider and convince them to provide you one (good luck!)
c) One of several apps that turns your mobile phone into a wi-fi modem. Android phones have this feature built-in by default. Its just a matter of click and activate!
4) One of our 4G data boosters, pick the one that matches your provider. Unfortunately the 4G booster systems are carrier specific and only can perform 4G s of right now. Except for t-mobile for which we have one particular system that can boost signal for 2g, 3g, and 4g all-in-one.

Now, if you are not a android user, you can download your cell phone provider specific app from HERE . Apple does not allow this app on their app store, so you have to jailbreak your iphone to install this app. We will not go further more into jailbreaking, cause it requires a separate post for itself. Any search with “jailbreaking iphone” will point you in the right direction. Android users can find this feature under your settings tab and look for wireless tethering. Activate this feature and you can also password protect it to have a secured connection and make sure you are the only one using the data connection. That is it, once activated you will see your android wireless hot spot listed as one of the wireless connection available for tethering in your wireless device such as your laptop or tablet. The 4g booster systems work very well without interfering with any other tethered devices. The reason being that this booster system only amplifies the cell phone signal and nothing to do with the wi-fi signal , like some other devices like the femto cells. With unlimited data connection you can be any where and still maintain the full 4G speed that enables you to run a satellite office from anywhere you choose.