I need to run longer cable, can I ?

This is another question a lot of our customers have when buying a system. It might not seem that the cable length can be such a big deal when installing a cell phone booster system, but it is indeed a major component that can affect the outcome of the signal in a booster system. Even though the cable used in most of our kits are low loss cables like the LMR400, their is loss incurred in transmission. If the signal outside at the source is 3+ bars or -70dB or above then loss can be mitigated even when running a longer cable. For every 100 ft of cable run their is a 6dB loss in signal strength.

LMR Electrical Specificatio

The loss in cable before amplification can play a significant role in the outcome, why? Because the amplifier is merely a signal amplifier that takes the weak signal that is captured at the outdoor antenna and amplifies to its dB specification. Once the amplification is performed then the system has a stronger signal that can be transmitted over a longer distance 100-200 ft without having to add additional stages of amplification.

Most of our per-configured kits have a predetermined cable length that is included in the system. If your particular installation requires a longer cable length, it is desirable to add them after the amplifier then before.

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