I need to run longer cable, can I ?

Ah, the legendary question of cable length! It’s one of those things that may not be as glamorous as a futuristic space adventure, but trust us, it’s crucial for your signal’s voyage!

So, picture this: you’re on a quest to boost your cell phone signal and achieve the ultimate connection. You’ve got one of our awesome kits, equipped with top-notch low loss cables like the heroic LMR400. But here’s the deal: even with the best cables in town, there’s a teeny bit of signal loss during transmission. Cue the dramatic music!

Now, here’s where cable length comes into play. If you’re in a land of strong signals, with three mighty bars or a valiant -70dB or above, using a longer cable won’t be as disastrous as an evil villain’s plot. It might still work like a charm!

But, hold your horses! There’s a twist. For every 100 feet of cable you dare to venture, there’s a 6dB loss in signal strength. Cue the gasps! Wait, what does that even mean? Imagine your signal taking a break to do some bicep curls, and for every 100 feet it flexes, it loses a bit of its strength. Poor signal, it needs more gym time!

So, what’s the takeaway from this epic tale of signal strength and cable length? If you’re in a signal-rich realm, go ahead and explore the wonders of longer cables. But if you’re in a signal-scarce territory, you might want to keep those cable journeys short and sweet. Remember, our signal-boosting team is always here to guide you through the enchanted forest of cell signal mysteries!

In the end, it’s all about finding the right balance and getting the most out of your cell phone booster adventure. So, gear up, dear signal seekers, and let’s conquer the signal challenges together with a sprinkle of cable wisdom and a dash of humor! Onward to stronger signals and endless laughter!

LMR Electrical Specificatio

The loss in cable before

Amplification is an important factor that can affect the outcome of a cell phone booster system. The amplifier takes the weak signal captured by the outdoor antenna and makes it stronger, according to its dB (decibels, which is a measure of frequency) specification. This amplification boosts the signal’s strength, enabling it to travel longer distances of 100-200 ft without needing more amplification stages.

Our pre-configured kits come with a set cable length. If you need a longer cable for your specific installation, it’s best to add it after the amplifier, but before other components.