iBwave explained for how it can help with a distributed antenna system

iBwave Solutions is a telecom radio planning software provider that develops solutions for the in-building wireless industry. iBwave is best known for its software iBwave Design, mostly used by telecom operators, system integrator and equipment vendors.

iBwave was born in 2003 in Toronto of a need to simplify in-building wireless network design. They were one of the first to recognize the demand for integrated software to expedite indoor system design and tackled to develop it.

iBwave develops solutions to help wireless operators, system integrator and equipment manufacturers, essentially anyone who has a stake in the network, bring strong, reliable voice and data wireless communications indoors, profitably.

Customers here are trying to bring the full value of voice and data networks indoors, for revenue generation and a satisfied subscriber base. Nearly 700 global leading telecom operators, system integrator and equipment manufacturers are using their software and professional services in 83 countries worldwide.

They have proved to be the best to help customers realize the full value of wireless voice and data networks, increasing competitiveness by improving the user experience, reducing churn and generating revenue through data applications to maintain ARPU. Their in-building design solutions optimize capital expenditure and let the network live up to its full potential and expectation.

From site assessments to surveys, 3D design, validation and close-out, iBwave Wi-Fi is the powerful PC‐based solution to streamline the entire Wi-Fi network planning and design process. Do you want to know the result ? A more productive and collaborative way to plan, design and deliver Wi-Fi network projects they believe their customers will love.

iBwave signal

Firstly and most importantly one can always stay connected to your projects via the cloud.

Cloud connectivity – You can save your projects to the cloud giving the access to your team mates on your projects from anywhere, anytime.

Seamless connectivity with iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile- You can work on your designs from either your tablet or PC knowing your files will always be accessible from both.

Share projects with your customers – One can send the design to customers for review via a secure link so they can open it up in iBwave Viewer and provide you with feedback.

A full database of accurately modeled vendor network components – Drag and drop accurately-modeled access points and network equipment (antennas, cables, routers, controllers, switches, miscellaneous).

Moveable toolbars/panels – The screen you design on by moving the design toolbars/panels can be customized around on the screen as you need them. Then dock/undock them freely.

Automatic error checking and warnings – View debug list as you go and customize design warnings and errors (ex: set cable length thresholds warnings).

Run complete Bill of Materials and Cost Details – Assign each part a cost to produce a complete bill of materials and cost details report for your customer.

Auto-AP Placement – Use the optional AP auto-placement to start your design, freely more your APs around the floorplan to get your design just right.

Auto-Channel Assignment – Run auto channel assignment to automatically assign your APs to channels and then manually adjust channels as need be.

Easily add missing parts to the database – A happy news about this is you don’t have to wait for the next release for new parts as you can call customer care team and they will quickly add it to the database for you. Or if you want, you can add it yourself.

An important note about this product is that one can use iBwave Mobile Note to capture and send DAS engineers the site survey information directly in iBwave Designs – so they have all the information and visuals they need to create accurate designs the first time. No more surprise skylights, giant chandeliers or fancy wood moldings discovered only after the design is done. No more lack of visibility into site measurements, and no more struggling to find information in different files and folders. All images, files and measurements are saved to the cloud where they are automatically visible on the floor plan in iBwave Design.

Adjust wall heights and visible layers. Once your building is in 3D you can adjust all planes (x,y,z) to view your building floor by floor. You can control visible layers (cables, APs, equipment, walls, prediction, etc) zoom in, walk through, and pan your 3D design in any way you like.