Internal Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home

Cell Phone users all over have one problem in common and most of them are bewildered for the same reason. The reason being how come they have trouble with voice and data connection inside the building while most of them have close to full 5 bars outside the building. And the answer to this bewildering phenomenon is simple, cell phone signals are not strong enough to penetrate through the walls and windows in a building, that is why? Especially, if the building has concrete walls or metal studs in between the walls.

To work around this limitation that cell phone signal have, the cell phone repeater systems in general capture the cell phone signal outside the building where the signal is at its most powerful state and transmit the captures signal inside the building, weather it is your home or office and transmit them inside the building to an amplifier system that amplifies the captured signal and broadcast it inside using an internal antenna .

Systems that captures , amplifies and broadcast cell phone signal in this manner are referred to as cell phone repeater’s in the industry. Essentially creating a wireless zone inside a closed environment to enhance the ambient cell phone signal that doesn’t require you to physically connect to any device. Cell phone repeater systems rely mainly on the donor antenna mounted on the exterior of the building. Depending on the strength and number of providers one is trying to boost signal for the antenna selection varies.

Omni- Directional Antennas:
As the name omni-directional antenna suggests that this antenna is designed to pick signal all around and this antenna is very useful when the cell phone towers you are getting signal from is from more then one tower and they are located in more then 1 direction.

Yagi Antenna

The Yagi antenna’s are directional sensitive, in other words they only see and pick signal in the direction they are pointed at and very sensitive. This extra sensitivity makes them the preferred antenna when one has a week signal outside their building.