iPad + Windows + 4G Booster System = Productivity

The latest app for ipad is onlive desktop a revolutionary idea that was not only envisioned but implemented! For $4.99 a month you could have the fastest web browsing and windows experience. The onlive desktop unleashes the potential of cloud computing and the possibilities are yet to be realized. This is a culmination of 10 years of research and technology that seems to have got the timing right. Basically this is the idea, you like light weight devices like the ipad, but we also like the functionality of a bulky desktop/laptop . Until now they had limitations that kept them apart, since the complexities of desktop applications limited how much performance can be derived from ipads or tablets.

The onlive desktop overcomes these limitations by using the power of cloud computing. The desktop makes the ipad essentially a display device while the server farms located a few thousand miles the brain central. Evey time you demand a excel graph or a power point presentation on your ipad, the crunching grunt work is performed at the powerful server farms in a remote location. The technology from the server side on one hand, the device technology on the other is connected by the 4G speed connectivity. As you can tell already the bottle neck in this process is the connectivity speed. Although 4G speed enables this process, it is available in limited cities as of now. The deployment is getting implemented on full scale as we speak has its limitations. In the mean while those who have these technologies available on their hand can enjoy the fruits of this cutting edge technology .
Our 4G cell phone booster systems makes one realize the full potential of this ultimate freedom to be on the move and not sacrifice the functionality that you can only get by being tied down to a chair.