Linearity in cell phone amplifiers are rarely mentioned

A lot of conversation revolves around db gain when it comes to describing the strength of a cell phone amplifier. The cell phone amplifiers today work within very narrow frequencies ranges and try to pack a whole lot of users in a given bandwidth. This is where linearity comes in t play as a primary factor in determining a cell phone tower ability to support multiple users on a given network. The linearity of cell phone amplifiers are mainly determined by 2 main parameters, one is 3rd order modulation (IM3) and Adjacent channel power ration (ACPR) . The cell phone carriers that operate on CDMA technology such as Verizon are more susceptible to ACPR’s and GSM companies like At&T, T-Mobile have relevance to IM3. Linear

A properly designed linear amplifier can take on more users at a given time then a non properly designed system. The non linear amplifiers are cheaper to make but can cause undesirable outcomes. A non linear system is like a ripple on lake, the disturbance created due to noise from a single non linear system propagates through the air waves like a ripple on water disturbing other users on the grid as well. The cell phone companies take this serious because it can ruin not one but multiple users on the grid at a given time. The manufactures we have endorsed on this website recognize this as a major issue and make sure they are linear amplifiers.
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