More Cell Phone Signal and Brain Cancer Relation Getting Established

New report on CNN that got published recently draws evidence to cell phone usage and possibility of brain tumor. Now the recent report is not something that is already out their in the public domain. This report just draws in more diverse voices stringing in more results. The study claims that a cell phone is emitting microwaves similar to those that get used to cook your food in a microwave. The food gets cooked or warmed in microwave by heating the water molecules in the food products. In a similar fashion the cell phone radiation basically cooks your brain. Now the study do acknowledge that the gestation period of this cause and effect to show up is about 34 years and we have only been using cell phones for about 15 years and in essence can’t categorically prove that the cell phone has this kind of effect but again the scenario after 34 years does not inspire confidence either. I like to draw the analogy to Global warming, where the results are not in conclusively but gives pause to the thought that, it is better to be safe then sorry.

Now the good news is that the effect of radiation is inversely related to the distance at which it is held to the head. The radiation effects drops dramatically when using head phones or Bluetooth. Now, a cell phone booster system can keep the radiations low as well, how? The cell phones that work hard to maintain a certain signal strength works double time to achieve the desired results, that is also the same time the cell phone emits radiation due to the extra work, Kind of like you perspire more when you are working harder. When the cell phone has sufficient signal strength , they don’t have to work as hard and hence less radiation.

The cell phone booster system basically assists a cell phone in doing a better job of connecting, sending, receiving voice and data signals. Now, their are some concerns with the booster system creating more cell phone radiation similar to the cell phone does. Now, going back to the fact that the effect of radiation drops dramatically with distance makes the radiation effect negligible.