3G & 4G Amplifier for T-Mobile – 60055

This booster kit has the capability to boost signal for all speeds including 2G, 3G voice and 4G data for T-Mobile network and other networks that operate in the AWS spectrum. This booster kit will not work for 4G LTE Verizon network.

Key Features

  • This is the only kit that works for 2G, 3G and 4G all combined for T-Mobile network
  • The 4G data strength gets considerably increased for streaming videos and video chat
  • Auto surge protection and oscillation detection is engineered into the amplifier
  • The cell signal is amplified FROM and TO the cell tower
  • The system works irrespective of cell phone technology like CDMA, GSM or cell phone model
  • Kit Includes

  • Full band Omni directional fiberglass, all weather outdoor antenna
  • 2 x 65 dB gain amplifier system, one for 2g, 3g spectrum
  • 70 dB gain for 4g data on T-Mobile
  • 2 x 75 ft low loss cable
  • 4 x 2 ft cable
  • A splitter and a combiner
  • tri-band-amplifier-system-for-tmobile-cell-phone-boost


    Input Impedence
    50 ohm
    1710-1755 MHz / 2110-2155 MHz
    62 dB
    Standard Supported
    3G and 4G standards on AWS band
    Noise Figure
    5 dB nominal
    AC Power Transformer
    Input AC110V, 60 Hz; Output: DC6V
    <= 3.5dB
    Power Consumption
    DC Power


    Antenna Impedence 50 Ohm

    LMR 400 or CM400