Our latest installation speaks volume when the customer is able to talk freely from anywhere inside the building

One might think running cable in buildings must not be too much trouble, think again! When ever you bring cable from outside to inside the building, there is always the trouble of finding the shortest distance between the two points of connection and each building will provide you with an unique problem of whether to drill a hole or not drill a hole. Almost in 90% of the time drilling holes is the best method to route the cable into the building. Although there are other options where one can sneak the cable through soffits, but that is not always the option when it comes to large enterprise size buildings that are multi-storied and thick steel structures. We are often faced with creative ways to route thick LMR400 cables and weaving them through other conduits that are already running through the buildings. In one of our recent installations pictured below should give you a picture of what I am talking about. The drilling job itself was a tough job that required heavy drilling equipment’s and multiple drill bits that we went through to route the cables to where they need to connect with the system components.
External antenna mounted on top of the building, requires good skills and good insurance!
A 4-way splitter that splits the amplified signal into 4 ways to broadcast strong cell phone signal in to 4 separate sections of this senior living facility.
Surecall Force-5 systems in action!

Once the cables were routed and connected on this 3 storied 600,000 sq ft building the 3rd floor being relatively closer to the cell phone tower had pretty good signal to begin with and we had to tone down the amplifier gain to not over load the over all system from shutting it self down. Other then that this senior living facility has 5 full bars and lighting 4G LTE for internet!