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A few of the major cell phone carriers are once again trying to gobble down the cell phone amplifier market. This time they are trying to influence the FCC to make that happen. The major carriers in US have approached the FCC to make it illegal for independent manufacturers to.... Read More

Wilson is breaking grounds again after its popular iBooster, uBooster and Sleek version for iPhone 3Gs, Motorolla Droid, Blackberry. This 4 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch device is sleek and sturdy. It houses your phone and eliminate dropped calls while guiding you on your GPS in remote locations..... Read More

1) If, you are experiencing unreliable cell phone signal 2) If, you have good signal outside your home, but poor reception inside 3) If, you drop calls, while inside the house or office 4) If, you connect to the internet via the cell phone network and experience difficulty getting fast.... Read More

All-in-One Repeater zBoost One PCS-YX400

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Product Overview First all-in-one repeater system called the zBoost-One has been released. This is the first home/office repeater system that requires no installation. The external antenna, internal antenna and amplifier unit is housed in one single piece. This means the repeater system is ready to plug-n-play out of the box.... Read More

Cell phone manufacturers are treated like cigarette manufactures with the recent ‎laws that are getting enacted in Maine, San Francisco and soon to be followed by ‎other states is not a welcome news for cell phone ‎manufacturers. The movement has started to gain momentum since the approval of ‎similar kind.... Read More

Cell Phone Booster, Buyers Guide

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Step 1 We have pre-configured Kits that comes with all you need (amplifier, antenna, cable) to setup a cell phone hot spot in any of the following : a) Small Buildings - Home or Office buildings up to 2,500 sq feet area b) Large Buildings - Home or Office from.... Read More

Mobile phones are becoming more and more integerated in every day life style as a way to connecting, finding and navigating the day to day tasks like finding friends and businesses while on the go. Loopt is introducing a new app for iPhone called the pulse now and later for.... Read More

[caption id="attachment_2584" align="alignleft" width="520" caption="iPhone reception booster"][/caption] Their is a huge influx of complains coming from iphone users on 3G network. The problem lies in the fact that At&T and Apple went out in the field and committed to promises that they were not prepared for, infrastructure wise. 3G and.... Read More

With the advancement of science and regular growth in cell phone industry cell phones have become need of all human beings. And people want to stay connected with everybody in this world and not to loose important calls. And also they don’t want to loose connection with their friends and.... Read More

Cell phones are great – they keep your connected to the world, provide with necessary information and make a lot of things easier and faster. These devices are very popular and it seems like the sales of them will never really go down. However, there is always a but and.... Read More