Radio Active Radiation and Radio Frequency Radiation , Similar?

We all know that radio active radiation is not good news. Lately their has been links suggesting that radio frequency radiation has very similar properties like the radio active sub particles . The alpha, beta or gamma particles all share the similar properties as that is found radio active and radio frequency spectrum. The alpha particles when exposed to living tissues, seem to alter the DNA structure and know to have been a catalyst for cancerous alteration in the human cells.

The Low frequency signals are less harm then the high frequency signals. The low frequency signals manage to pass the human body with ease and does not do any alteration or in other words the cells don’t interact with that frequency like they interact with the high frequency signals. It is the same principle that is used in modern days microwaves to alter food or heat in this case. Their is a reason why good does not taste the same way when cooked in microwave vs food when cooked in conventional methods. The microwave interacts with the food particles in ways that a conventional oven would not. Their have been cases that associate pain in body directly to microwave cooked food. Their is a notion that voiding microwave cooked food gets rid of general pain in body. The pain in body is a simple sign from the body that says the food that it has been fed is not agreeing with its behavior. It is for the same reason some people say “nuke the chicken wing” instead of “heat the chicken wing”!

The same microwave theory was used in Diathermy treatment that got popular very soon since it got introduced and died soon when it was realized, what it is doing to the human body. The tanning beds of modern days may face the same fate. The biggest problem of detecting these harmful technologies is that by the time the proof is obtained, the damage is already done. Taking any new technology with a grain of salt is a prudent way of allowing growth without destroying confidence.

The following list are all radiation emitting applications:
a) Cell phone
b) TV Tower
c) Cell Towers
d) Microwaves
e) C wave trucks for broadcasting
f) Security for Stores
g) Garage door openers
f) Walkies Talkies

Are some of the few day to day applications that emit radiations. The bad news is that we cannot live without these crucial devices and the convenience it has introduced us into. The good news is that the radiation effect effectively dies down or minuscule when the distance from these devices to the devices increase. One major device that we cannot keep away from is the cell phone. The cell phone device when operates in close proximity to the human brain it can be harmful. It can be especially harmful if the device tries to over compensate for the weak signal. When the signal strength at a particular location is weaker then the minimum signal that the phone is designed to operate, the phone works hard to provide you that required quality by over working the complicated circuity inside. The very act of that produces more RF signal and that is not the desired results in the long run. A simple way to say if your phone is working more then it should or not is when the phone overheats. That is a sure sign to let you know that the phone requires more signal then what you have provided.

A cell phone booster is a device that provides the cell phone to operate in optimum signal environment and their by limiting the RF radiation that gets produced by the cell signal . A good question to ponder is if the cell phone booster produce any RF signal ? The answer is yes and like any other electronic device designed to work with cell phone frequency , the cell phone repeaters would produce RF signals, but they are produced at enough distance away from the human brain that it does not create any harmful radiations that effect us.