Reason for iBooster delay

The much awaited iBooster is getting a boost in its design. Their have been some mixed response to its design being planted in the cradle and the inconvenience to talk through the shell . From our preliminary test , we were very impressed with its ability to boost the signal from 1 bar to 4 -5 bars even when driving in some remote test sites and up in the hills.

The iBooster used a patented Bi-directional technology that directly amplifies the signal from the cell site itself. The antenna is as before roof mount with easy to install magnetic base board. It comes with a 12 feet cord to conveniently wrap even around a hummer. The iBooster has been in works for some time now and in its final stage of the release its getting some final fixes.

The iBooster must be available with full functionality soon on all online store. You can sign up to our news letter, so we can keep you posted on the update as to when the iBooster will be available in stores.