SAFE antenna is the answer for persistant antenna problems

Bad reception, dropped calls, can you hear me now? are all part of this cell phone revolution that we have chosen to embrace and tolerate with its short comings. Bad receptions and poor call quality is usually attributed to the signal available at a given location. One of the most important component in a cell phone is the antenna and our obsession with looks and aesthetics doesn’t give enough room for antennas in our cell phones. Pulling out a pointy looking antenna from our cell phones is old fashion and does not look cool! Well the downside is without a sufficient antenna space in cell phone design the problem has exasperated an already persistent reception problem.

Wispry a technology company from southern California has ceased upon this opportunity to create a chip to orchestrate the task of managing cell phone frequency. Modern day cell phones does not operate on just one frequency. The smart phones of these days have requirement to deliver all the media, voice and data in one small device and do all that without satisfying the user experience. This task requires the cell phones to operate in different frequency simultaneously . Wispry says, SAFE (smart antenna front end) is the answer for this complicated task. SAFE is like an orchestrator that tunes the antenna automatically to different frequency requirement.

The antenna operates on a principle of electromagnetic frequency which is created when current gets passed via any conductor. The frequency of the EMF (electro magnetic field) that gets generated is inversely proportional to the current that gets passed. The antenna design plays an important tole in the wavelength that is transmitted. SAFE is supposed to work with all the frequency in the operating spectrum to make the cell phone be tuned to the appropriate frequency at the right time. It can be compared to a like tuning a guitar but only automatic to match the frequency of the application.
Old Antenna
The cell phone booster systems create an ambiance right for the cell phone to operate. The SAFE antenna system will compliment the signal with optimum operation for extended battery life and optimum operation that does not overheat the cell phone or prevent from putting out excessive RF radiation that is increasingly considered harmful for human well being.