Signal Bars and Corresponding dB gain explained!

A lot of times our customers are puzzled what a db gain means when we say, 55 dB gain system or 65 dB gain system. dB stands for decibels and it is a unit of measurement of signal amplification. Like how distance is measured in feet or meter, signals strength is measured in decibels.

Cell Phone Signal Actual dB 55 dB Gain System 65 dB Gain System 75 dB Gain System
1 bar -110 -55 -45 -35
2 bar -113 -58 -48 -38
3 bar -95 -40 -30 -20
4 bar -87 -32 -22 -12
5 bar -68 -13 -3 7

This table above illustrates the signal strength as a measure of signal bars that you see on your mobile device to actual dB as a measure of signal strength. So when you buy a 55dB gain system or 65 dB gain system , you are necessarily adding that much more strength to existing signal and the above table shows how much again you can expect after installing such a system. Another important factor that one must take into account when calculating signal strength is the total area that one might cover. A typical home or office can use a 55dB gain system while a larger building requires a stronger signal boost.

The above table is just an approximation subjected to each individual buildings specifications like the material the building is built out of, a building with concrete walls significantly blocks signal from passing through then a building with regular wooded or sheet rock material. The signal strength can be affected by the objects inside building such as furniture, appliances and house hold items. The distance from the nearest cell tower is a major factor and even more a factor is the carrier that one is with. Now, you can see how difficult it can get to precisely one can predict the signal strength to raise.