Sleek, Modern and Aesthetic Cell Signal Booster

The Weboost Eqo is a new type of cell signal booster which allows us to bring up to 30 times stronger signal into our home, condo, apartment or workplace in seconds. This powerful, fast and simple device works with multiple other devices on every network thus boosting voice and data signals upto 1500sq.ft.Up to 32x better cellular coverage indoors. The set up takes 60 seconds installation and supports multiple users and all cellular carriers in US and Canada. Additionally, this device also provides an improved 3G and 4G LTE data coverage.

In installation, it’s more like one of the new digital TV antennas than anything else. Eqo boosts any carrier’s signal for every phone. Everyone within range gets boosted automatically. From cell phones to tablets and even modems, any device that uses a cell signal gets boosted with Eqo. The eqo is made up of two units, of which one unit is used to sit in the window and receive the cell signal from the outside, and the other unit is used to sit inside of the home or office and broadcast the boosted signal to the inside area. These units are connected by a thin, flexible cable to pass the signal between the two. The outside signal strength is automatically adjusted in order to create the best possible coverage inside thus spontaneously respond to the changes to the existing outside signal. Boosting power is increased and decreased accordingly proving it to be a truly plug and play device. This Modern and Sleek design without an outside antenna adds luxury to the product.
Eqo works on all five major LTE bands in the U.S., including those used by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The Eqo is primarily designed to match other electronics, no matter where you put it. As such, WeBoost has produced what’s essentially a spot-based fix for poor cell tower reception. It is not going to permanently fix our phone or solve the issues for our neighbors, but it will definitely give us a safe zone where we need it.
Here is a word for you all. Your home is scuffling with poor cell signal reception! If yes, then buying out an Eqo would be the best end to resolve this hassle.