Surecall Force-5 booster system setup for AT&T network

If you own a Force5 80db system, then the following important information is regarding the uplink power of this booster. In industrial Force5 (SC-PolyI-80) or legacy Force-5 (CM5000-80) boosters the uplink is the cellular signal going to the cell tower. Carrier towers are finely tuned to be able to pick up a very low uplink signal. AT&T confirmed that these specific boosters, the Force5 (80dB), often don’t need to operate with the uplink at full power. Therefore, as per manufacturer recommendation we are requiring that you attenuate, or lessen, the uplink power on these boosters. More pointedly, it is critical that the AT&T 4G LTE uplink (698-716 MHz, bank labeled LTE707-UL on booster) be attenuated, preferably, to the full 31dB available on the booster. This will ensure that the boosters are not causing interference as AT&T continues to improve their LTE network. This is something that needs be done to not only new installations, but to previously installed boosters as well because of the ongoing network improvements.

If after fully attenuating the AT&T LTE uplink you test and find that the uplink strength is not strong enough to allow for functionality, you can adjust the attenuation incrementally until the signal is strong enough. But again, be sure to start at maximum attenuation, test, and adjust from there, being mindful of the uplink power.

Going forward, all Industrial Force5’s will be shipped with full attenuation on the AT&T LTE uplink, as well as a label affixed to the booster and the box stating that the attenuation should not be adjusted and decreased without testing on this specific band. This will be noted in the manual as well. This will help to minimize any interference issues.

This is a short-term fix. Surecall is actively working with AT&T on a long-term fix that we hope will include a more detailed process in working with and getting AT&T approval for the use of the Industrial products. It is critical that they are involved with the installation and use of the boosters in order to make sure the boosters do not interfere with the network. Please do not hesitate to contact the technical support department at 888-365-6283 if you have any questions or concerns.