T-Mobile Merging With AT&T, FFC Reviewing the Deal

Country’s telecommunication system is facing the most drastic deal ever, which can change the way we use cell phones. Country’s major career service i.e. AT&T is trying its best to merge T-Mobile in itself, AT&T have paid $39 billion for T-Mobile. The deal is good for AT&T as it will grow the company’s business all over the country, deal will not affect the previous costumers of AT&T but it will affect adversely to the current T-Mobile costumers who will be getting automatically converted in AT&T customers without their willingness. Every second person in country is aware of the bad services, high rates and low network of AT&T, person who is AT&T customer knows that what he use to face in regular life.
In between FCC have been keeping close eye on the deal and have said that they will review the whole merging process. FCC said that they don’t want people to face higher call rates and bad services due to this deal and it seems like if this deal is going to hurt lot of people. This deal will make AT&T to cover nearly around 80% of market, which sounds like earthquake in world of telecommunication. There many reason behind the fact of deal being bad deal for common people like AT&T’s bad network coverage, its bad services and its sky-high rates.
T-mobile consumers are in high tension, as they will have to face AT&T’s bad signal strength problem un-willingly. However, there is one thing that can reduce their tension to zero, that is a cell phone booster. Most dangerous problem AT&T customers use to face is LOW SIGNAL STRENGTH but many have got rid of this problem with cell phone repeater. A cell phone signal booster is a device, which use to amplify the low signal strength to full 5-bar high signal strength for a particular area. You can install the cell phone booster at any place you want as there are many kind of booster available, each for its own specific usage.
AT&T and T-Mobile merger will make us face many call congestion in our daily life, cell phone signal booster is only device which can reduce the risk of call congestion to zero. One thing to keep in mind while using cell phone booster is that you can use it at any place if there is at least one bar of signal, as the name says itself “cell phone booster, it use to boost the low signal and cannot create signal of its own. So, if you want to get rid of AT&T’s low signal problem and you are one of them who will be going to face it after this deal then get yourself an cell phone at earliest because precaution is always better then cure.
The deal is under review of FCC and the fact is that FCC does not want to affect the current competition in telecommunication. AT&T have claimed that this deal will not affect any one inside or outside the corporate world.