The industry is bracing for Xg network, already!!

Yes, while we are still waiting for the complete roll out of the 4g network, the cell phone technology is bracing for the Xg super network to roll out. As per Cisco the network equipment manufacturer for the phone company is expecting the network band width demand will double every year from 2009 to 2014. Which is a 39 times more demand then what we have now. To reach these levels of data transfer speed the semi conductor industry needs to play catchup with the switching technology. If all goes well and the FCC frees up the band width for the cell phone companies then we must have speeds enough to stream HD quality movie direct to our homes and mobile phones.

The FCC has announced to wifi the nation including the remote rural parts of the country and connect them in ways that was not possible with major public projects. The government has come to a realization that growth and connectivity is interlinked and one cannot thrive without the helping hand from another. The Xmax or xG is achieved by using the existing bandwidth along with the additional new bandwidth that is waiting to get opened up by the FCC. Using cognitive techniques and smart encoding the frequencies are separated within the same bandwidth and shielded from each other and their by avoid any interference. The voice, video and the broadband data are transferred via the same bandwidth and still effectively separating them from each other seamlessly. The technology utilizes the 900 -950 Mhz that is already available free of cost and a very cost efficient technology to begin with. The promise this spectrum holds is very promising and need of the hour.