Tips for Cell Phone Booster Owners

We are going to address a few common scenarios of how you can better increase the range of the cell phone booster you already have. Firstly, let us understand when a cell phone booster system will work and when it will not. The amplifier that comes with the booster kits are not designed to create signal. They can only increase the strength of an already existing signal. For example say you have 1 bar of signal at present. Thar roughly translates to -105 decibels or dB’s for short, which is noting but the strength of your cell phone signal. Now, if you installed a 65 dB system, then the system will essentially add 65 dB’s to the already existing -105 db to bring it to -40 dB. That translates to roughly 5 bars, in ideal conditions. Other factors such as the building it self and the walls inside the building will add more restriction on this amplified signal to reduce the strength of the signal.

Even if you have a week signal , too week to show any bars or if you get a missed call or if you receive a text message from time to time. This tells us that their is some signal , but not a strong signal. In all these above mentioned situations a signal booster will work. A signal booster will not work, when you have NO SIGNAL what so ever. With that stated and understood , lets see how we can improve an already installed booster system?

If, the booster system is not able to boost signal over the entire area that one would like to cover, then the easy fix would be to get a even stronger amplifier.  A booster system is like a mega phone, the bigger the farther the signal can reach out. Other Solution would be to add an inline amplifier that can increase an existing amplifiers dB by additional 17 db’s , usually is enough to cover an additional 1000 to 2000 sq ft area.

Another option is to add another indoor antenna. This is recommended in buildings with multiple floors or buildings that is separated by a few meters and it makes sense to get a separate antenna for separate rooms.However, their will be a splitter involved that splits the signal and additional cable to be run with the extra antenna. The antenna does not have to be the same type you already have. The antenna can be alternated between a wall mount and ceiling mount. For any further questions you have please contact the 1-888-878-9761