Top reasons why you have poor cell phone signal inside metal buildings?

The most frustrating part of metal buildings having poor cell phone signal is because signals in general can not penetrate anything metal, at least the cell phone signals. However the good news is that your metal building can be the best place to operate a business or anything to do with cell phone and here is the catch! ONCE the signal is inside the building, the signal gets trapped inside the building and the signal has no place to go but to bounce back and forth inside the building to cover the entirety of the metal building and it can become a mecca for signal!

Solution : Get a cell phone signal booster

Why is metal building such a kryptonite for cell phone signal?

Lets dive down into the science of why metal building is such a nemesis of cell phone signal. Faraday’s cage is the reason, named after Michael Faraday who invented this way back in 1836. The idea is that the external electrical charge materials interact with a conducting material in your metal building like bronze (mainly copper and tin); brass (copper and zinc); monel metal and nickel silver, mainly consisting of nickel and copper; and stainless steel, with important components of nickel and chromium. The interaction causes any electrical field or EMF (electromagnetic field) to be neutralized and prevents any signal to get TO and FROM the metal structure. This is usually employed to prevent sensitive equipment’s from being disturbed by stray signals from outside environment

The metal building you are having trouble getting cell phone signal is essentially a Faraday’s cage just like in this picture

The Good News

The same reason why the signal could not get inside the building is also a reason to why the signal cannot get outside the building as well. That makes the metal buildings a blessing in disguise, why? Because if you figure out a way to bring that useful cell phone signal you so badly need inside the building then that signal is going to stay inside the building as the walls of the metals building is going to have the same effect on the signal inside to neutralize it keep in within its walls. That is why when a home owner or a shop owner gets a cell phone signal booster they are the most satisfied to enjoy all the signal they can get and keep it!