Tribute to A Visinory of Our Time

October 5th 2011, is a day that will be remembered for a long time, perhaps as long as human memory care to remember. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple dies from battling a cancer that had lingered and slowed him for 8 years. He was one of a kind visionary CEO who did the thinking for all of us and showed us, inserted himself in all our lives making it interesting and fun. He was one unconventional cool head CEO that brought a sense of style and suave to the world of computers and devices. It was he who gave us something made us feel hep and in trend with the modern world and still get our mundane job of being a programmer get done.

His unconventional approach of conforming the internal working of a device to the looks of it first was is hall mark approch. He envisioned a nifty gadget and how it reacted to human touch first and then went behind the front face to fit all the functionality within it. If you want to know who has the most difficult of jobs in Apple, it is the industrial designers who designed the internal parts of iPhone, iPod, iPad . In conventional designs the internal parts defined the size and look of a device, with Steve Jobs the look of the device comes first and the the daunting job of squeezing all that he wants and how they interact is up to the industrial designers from their on. Why did he run his company with a philosophy of unconventionality ? Well, we are talking about a guy who is unconventional to begin with, that is Why?

For starters, he never worked for someone in his own life. He always worked for him, knowing that is the only way he can feed unconventional spirit. Dropped out of school soon after he started, probably he figured that school is for conventional thinkers. He grew up in the counter culture of the 60ies and got his start in the concept of making money by selling a hack box that allowed you to make phone calls for free. He audited unconventional courses like calligraphy, and part took LSD as a young adult. He traveled to India on a backpack to may be see what his spiritual soul had to reveal. His ideas were original and out of the box to put it mildly. He is being compared to Thomas Edison, Lennard DE Vince, and many others. We probably may not know much about those legends , cause we were not let into their lives like we were into Steve’s life as an inventor or artist. Many despised Apple for its success and even not appreciate the innovation when he was alive. Like most things in life, one does not appreciate once importance when iT is alive, however once thing that can be etched on his grave is iLIVE!!