Verizon 4G LTE: Why it works for Voice not for data?

The Verizon 4G LTE works great with data when it works! With the apps that you can turn any 4G phone into a hot spot and tether your laptop, touch pad, slate or any device that requires a Wi-Fi. However the problem is that 4G signal is not implemented though out the United States and those who are fortunate to get 4G signal, are not getting its full strength. Some 4G customers are experiencing good voice signal but poor data signal at 4G speed. One of the main reason for that is that the 4G signal uses 700 Mhz frequency and the voice could be using either the 80 Mhz or the 1900 Mhz bandwidth. Verizon says it reaches 186 million users across the nation since the 1 year they started launch the 4G LTE network. It however needs to reach the interior location that is cut off from the cities and will probably take a few more years before running at full speed and full capacity.
Verizon LTE
Our 4G LTE cell phone booster for Verizon network solves this problem by capturing the 4G signal direct from the cell tower and boosting it multiple times before broadcasting it over the airwaves inside the building. Having a reliable data signal hot spot from your phone eliminates the need for internet from a cable company and you can finally say good bye to that bill. The 4G cell phone boosters are 70dB gain boosters that maximize the signal strength TO and FROM the cell tower directly. The auto adjusting gain control adjustment eliminates the feedback issues if any and lets you have full control over the gain in the signal.